There’s no doubt that we all love our fur-companions a lot. We always want to do the best for them and take care of them at all times. Well, dogs are cute, adorable, loving, loyal, and would do everything to please their owner. For some people, their pets are more than just pets, they also provide mental health benefits. If you feel the same way, you can get an ESA pet certification Houston to make your dog your ESA. 

While winter is here, you should prepare yourself and your dog for the season. Your dogs are not going to protect themselves too much. So you have to make sure that your pooches are safe in this weather. Even if your dog has a thick coat of fur, this does not necessarily mean that they can tolerate the cold weather with ease. Having said that, here are the top 6 tips for you that tell how to take care of your pooches in winter.

Do Not Bathe Your Dogs Very Frequently

I have a Golden Retriever, and he would never miss a chance to get dirty in the mud. And then I have to spend my entire afternoon bathing him. In the winter season, I have to pay more attention to his activities so that I don’t have to bathe him again and again. If your dogs are like him, good luck my friend! It is important to understand that you should not bathe your dogs frequently in winters. Your pooches’ skin has protective oils. But washing them too often can lead your dogs to have dry, flaky skin. The protective oils on their skin wash off when you bathe them.

But again, you can’t always control these adorable pups, can you? So, if your pooches get too stinky, get a moisturizing shampoo and creme for their bath. Before you buy any product for your dogs, always talk to your veterinarian for recommendations.

Take Care of Their Paws

It’s time for some paw-care tips. When you return home after a walk outside, you should wash and dry the paws of your dogs. You can use a wet wipe or a washcloth for this. Remove ice, salt, and chemicals from their paws. And do not forget to clean the areas between their footpads. If your doggos happen to have furry feet, you should trim the hair between their pads. This will prevent any buildup of ice between the pads. Winter salt can burn the pads of your dogs. Also, this salt can be toxic for your doggos if they accidentally lick their paws.

Similar to humans’ foot cracks, dogs can also suffer from cracked pads during the winter season. Well, you can always buy some cute pet boots or shoes that can provide better coverage for your doggos’ feet. But your dogs may take some time to get used to them.

Bring Them Indoors (if Possible)

Everyone needs a warm, cozy place to sleep during winters. To make sure your pooches are sleeping comfortably, you need to give them a warm place to sleep. Provide them cozy beds along with snuggly blankets for them to burrow in. If your dogs stay outside, it would be better if you can bring them inside. Keeping them warm during winters is your responsibility. 

While it is cold outside, some stray pets in your neighborhood might come and sleep under your car. So, whenever you go out, check before starting your engine. You can bring them inside too, after all every animal needs love.

Do Not Shave Their Coat

God has gifted dogs and cats a thick fur that helps in keeping them warm naturally. During winters, this coat can help them stay warm. You can add to this warmth by getting cute coats for them. You can find coats that are designed to keep dogs warm while not hindering their mobility. I would suggest getting the ear muffs as well.