You see your pet as your companion, but fleas see them as a tasty snack. Whether your pet has been with you for years or you’ve just found it on the street, fleas have a knack of finding their way inside too. You have to fight this battle with the fleas for your pet. You can’t let them latch on to your pet; you are the only one that is allowed to do that. 

Fleas are the most common skin parasites for pets, especially dogs and cats. They are more than just a nuisance for your pet; they carry and transfer diseases that could adversely affect your pet’s health. That is why it is essential to protect your pet from fleas and ticks infestation. I have some genuine tips to protect your pet from these parasites. 

Beware of Areas With High Grass 

Try and avoid taking your pet to areas with high grass. Fleas and ticks like to lie low on the ground in the protection of tall grass and leaf debris. So, if you are taking your pet for a walk, try and limit exposure to long grass. A good tip is to walk your pet in the center of pathways away from the edges of the vegetation where fleas wait silently on the overhanging plants for their next meal. However, these parasites are accustomed to surviving in various environments and conditions, so you must remain vigilant at all times. 


Take out the detective inside you and get right on the business. If your pet has been out for a walk, it’s a good idea to examine your pet for any fleas or ticks. I know how time-consuming that can be, but weirdly enough, I like doing it. Also, it is better you get to know about it when the infestation is at its early stage. Being an expert in doing that, let me help you with the methodology. Start with the paws then working up each leg. Then examine the body from the nose to the rear. Don’t forget to check the head, ear, and undercarriage, which is their sweet spot to latch on. 

Cleaning the Yard

We spend a lot of time cleaning our indoors but fail to put the same attention and dedication to cleaning the outdoors. Be sure to clean your yard or garden regularly. You may avoid the wild vegetation growth in the parks or on the streets, but if you don’t work up your yard, your pet may get infested with fleas. Mow the lawn regularly and not let the grass grow much longer. Clippings, leaves, and brushes on your yard are some of their favorite hiding spots, raking them will save your pet from getting any flea-borne disease. 

Flea Products

Clean up your product aisle of any old flea products that have been past their expiration date. Generally, old products lose their effectiveness, so it is better you trade them for new and better preventive products for your pet. You can always approach your vet and ask his advice for any new product that can help protect your pet. I once faced quite a big fight with the fleas myself. I could see more fleas than the fur on my pet. When nothing seemed to work, I went to my vet, and he suggested I change the shampoo, which proved to be quite helpful.  

Protect your pet
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Regular Check-Ups

Take your pet to the veterinarian for regular examinations. These routine check-ups are instrumental in preventing parasites from feeding onto your pet. Also, your vet will examine for any parasite problems regularly, which may give you an indication of whether your flea preventive products are working effectively or not. However, it is better to be vigilant and calling them right away when changing products of your pet. 


Many pet owners use spot-on grooming techniques to keep the fleas out of their pet’s coat. Like if you come back home after a game of ball with your pet in the city park, run a flea comb through their fur before entering the house. If you have a pet with long hair as I do, believe me, these parasites love it. They’ll be hiding in spots where you are too blind to notice. So, consider getting your pet shaved in the summers. That will make them easier to be spotted. 

Detoxing Your House

There is a reason we associate the word infestation with fleas and ticks. That is because they spread rapidly when inside the house. Fleas lay eggs that will hatch even if you’ve already cleaned your house. They are a big nuisance. Fleas can live around for about four weeks; that is why it could be a real pain getting them out of your house. That is why it is essential you try and be as preventive as possible. Like if you have given a bath to your pet and used a towel or any tool during the process, you must wash it right away. All your pet’s toys, blankets, beds, etc. should be cleaned and washed promptly. It is hard work, but you got to do it. 

Final Words

We all want protect our pet to live happily and healthily. That is easier said than done. Don’t we all know how much they want to roll in the dirt and play outdoors? So, it is upon us to take good care of them. Like they do for us. Living with a pet is a worldly experience. They are scientifically proven to help people with mental conditions. Hence came the concept of an emotional support animal . In the end, I hope you have a tick and flea free season. If you have any questions, share it with us. We would be happy to help you find a solution.