Pet dogs are everything to their owners. I’m sure you will agree with me on this, our dogs are a part of our families. These four-legged companions are adorable, loving, loyal and our best friends. Many people choose a dog to be their emotional support animal. An emotional support dog can help people in various ways, whether it’s anxiety, PTSD, stress, disorder, or other emotional and mental health issues. 

Now, we all want to take care of our beloved dogs and do the best for them. The first step towards that is to understand our pooches better. Have you ever noticed your dogs barking constantly and acting aggressively? It’s important for you, as a dog owner, to understand your dogs’ body language and pinpoint the cause of this aggressive behavior shown by your dogs. To calm your dogs down, it is important for you to learn about the trigger that causes this anger. There can be reasons that cause aggression in dogs. It could be the fear, or guarding their territory. Having said that, let’s get familiar with the types of dog aggression to understand our best-friends in a better way.

1. Fear Aggression (or Anxiety-Related Aggression)

Well, this is the most common type of aggression, and it is also the root of some other types of aggression. Your dogs might take an offensive posture if they are under any kind of fear. For them, triggers can be humans, other dogs, or even your vacuum. If your dogs feel cornered or trapped or are anxious about something, they can get aggressive. It’s better for you to teach your dogs to be confident in such situations. Suppose, if your dogs are getting triggered by a vacuum cleaner, teach them to stay confident and not let their stress take over them.

Fear Aggression

2. Territorial Fear Aggression

As I mentioned above, fear is the root of many other types of dog aggression. One such aggression is territorial fear aggression. Dogs have their own perceived “territory,” and if they feel that someone is entering their “territory,” they get aggressive. They won’t get aggressive if they feel nothing is inside their territory. It’s like a kid saying “this property/place/area is mine!” 

3. Predatory Aggression

According to me, it’s not really a type of aggression cause your dogs are not really afraid or angry with other animals, they just want that animal for lunch. Can you blame a hound dog for chasing a rabbit? They can also show this aggression towards a fast-moving object like a car or bicycle. But, if they are getting aggressive against humans too, then this could be a problem. However, it is very rare to happen that dogs show aggression towards humans.

4. Possession Aggression

Possession Aggression

It is very much normal for a dog to show this kind of aggression. Suppose your dogs are hungry and someone tries to steal away their bone from in front of them. Yeah, you know the outcome. Dogs can get aggressive if they feel that someone is trying to take away something that is valuable to them. This is resource guarding, and usually, it’s scary. But, if this aggression is increasing frequently, or your dogs are showing this aggression towards you, then it’s time for you to seek some help from a professional.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most common types of dog aggression that your dogs can show. Sometimes it is normal that they are getting aggressive. But, if that behavior becomes too frequent then you should consult a behavior professional immediately.