I remember the first day Reco, my beagle, entered my home. I was just so excited the entire time – from driving to the shelter to pick him up to bring him home. He’s a part of my family and I love him too much! It has been more than 3 years since he came into my life, and I’ve never felt this good and happy before his presence. He is not just my pet, he’s my emotional support animal who has been helping me deal with my anxiety and stress for a long time. Be it my dog or the other dogs in the world, they can all become something more than just pets. 

Dogs are loving, friendly, loyal, adorable, and will provide you a constant companionship no matter what. So, if you are about to welcome a new puppy to your home, I can imagine how excited you must be right now. The idea of living with fur-pals and raising them, watching them grow in front of your eyes can be very exciting and fill you with joy. But it does not mean that it’s not stressful. You have to be responsible and invest your time in making sure that your fur-pals have everything they need as they are growing up. This is why you should also be prepared for them before you even bring them home. Having said that, here’s a list of some must-have puppy products you need to get before bringing your pooches home. 

Product 1. Crates

You need to get a crate for your pups before you bring them home. This will help you keep them in a confined area, which will help you in house training them. The crates become a very useful product when you are trying to potty train your pups. Your puppers are small and need proper training to learn good behavior. That’s why crates become so important.

Also, we all need some personal space, and crates are your pups’ personal space. This is the place where they can get comfortable and relax. I remember when Reco was just months old, I had to constantly keep an eye on him. This was especially the case when I was either cooking or doing laundry. I used to keep him in his crate where he would simply play with his favorite toys and keep himself busy while I worked. There was no fear of potty accidents or inappropriate chewing. 

Now that you are familiar with the importance of the crates, go and get one for your puppers. When getting a crate, make sure it’s big enough for your puppy to stand up, lie down, and stretch inside. 

Product 2. Collars And Leashes

Yes, these two products are again very important when you are bringing your pups home. The leash helps in keeping a pet owner connected to the pet. With the help of a leash, you can keep your puppers away from any harm. You can also guide your puppies when taking them out for a potty break. This is very important for your bonding with your pups, and it also helps in training them.

Now the collars keep the identification tags of your pups. The leash attaches to the collar that your pups wear around their necks. This is how you take your pups out for walks. When it comes to buying collars for your puppers, you should choose an adjustable collar with a two-piece buckle. And make sure the collar is not too tight or too loose. There should be a gap of two fingers between the collar and your puppies’ neck.

Product 3. Dog Beds

When buying crates for your pups, do not forget to invest in their beds. Just like any other being, your pooches also need a comfy bed on which they can sleep and rest. This bed should fit inside the crates of your puppies. This way your pups will feel more secure when they sleep inside the crates at night.