The current COVID-19 pandemic is posing a threat to the physical safety of millions. But, that’s not the only aspect of this crisis that worries the world. It’s the mental health that’s the epicenter of all this crisis. Nearly 30 percent of Americans shared that their mental health worsened over the last few weeks. While everyone is working on building a force to fight against the physical symptoms, it’s important that no one neglects the emotional trauma that people are feeling. So, if you have an ESA pet certification in Houston, things might be a little better. 

How can you beat that?

Since social distancing is more like “physical distancing,” it’s causing a lot more trouble in many households. A variety of stressors such as job loss, poor health, self-isolation could be making you go through a mental struggle that you are incapable of handling the way it needs to be handled. So, here we are presenting some ideas to help you with the coping part. 

Don’t be Cruel to Yourself

Follow the “be kind to yourself” mantra. That’s a perfect way to normalize any intensely uncomfortable feelings that you might be having while being on self-isolation. Even if the situation does not seem to be in your way, don’t start judging yourself. And if you feel anxiety, loneliness, or anger, it is important to talk it out. And guess what you don’t need to visit your doctor. You can see your mental health professional online. Give yourself some appreciation that you are a part of something very important. You are limiting the possibility of transmitting the virus. In short, you are helping the country to avert this situation. 

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Don’t Neglect Your Physical Health

You may be out of a job or work from home, but you still need to give some time to your body. Doctors asked to keep a check on your diet and work on your physical activities. Exercise when you can. This is how you can get a bit of fresh air. Build a day structure even when you feel it seems loose. You need to cater to your physical needs in order to keep a check on your mental health. It’s like you can strengthen your immune system and will automatically reflect on your mental health. 

Connect With Friends (Of course Online)

Stay connected with your friends and family through phone calls, text, messages, FaceTime, or whatever you have. Just put in a little effort and you will be able to see some improvements in your life day-by-day. Laughter and “playtime” are quite necessary to keep yourself sane in this kind of insane moment. If you lack any social connection, you can seek out online support groups or social media communities. And if you have an ESA by your side, things can be a lot helpful. However, you need to have an ESA pet certification in Houston for enjoying some perks. 

Don’t Take Every News Too Seriously 

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It is important to stay informed. However, don’t try and obsess about everything you hear or see. Find a bit that does not overpower your mind or trigger anxiety. Refrain from reading news or checking stuff before going to sleep. And if you think your mental health is deteriorating and wish to seek help, call a doctor or see a doctor online. 

Ground Yourself 

If you are anxious about your mind not in your control, it’s time to ground yourself to use your five senses in a positive way. It will be effective since you will start thinking about one thing at a time. Engage in activities like yoga, walking or running or start new hobbies like reading, crafting or music. That will help you calm down your anxieties. 


Don’t try to be too hard on yourself. Start with something you like to do while you have time to relax. You can plan something like fetching a ball with your dog. If you find yourself thinking about “the world is going to end,” you need to channelize your energy in something that will not affect your mental health. You can start by talking to a doctor for an ESA pet certification in Houston.