Ever since Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Elections, there has been a huge out pour of love and affection. What makes this win even more exciting is the fact that dogs will be returning to the White House. If you have an emotional support animal, you can relate to the positive feeling of having a pet. These German shepherds are synonymous with the national feeling of joy and happiness. 

We’re particularly excited because apart from the Trump regime, the last when White House didn’t have a resident dog was during the presidency of William McKinley back in 1897-1901. 

The Return of Dogs Transcends Into National Emotions

Joe Biden adopted the rescue dog ‘Major’ 2 years ago as an addition to Champ, the other dog that the upcoming president owns. The return of the dog is being appreciated by people across the country. This emotion parallels with people who adopted dogs and other pets during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dogs are a source of positivity and compassion that is highly evident during these tough times. They bring a sense of ease and affection that helps in enhancing the mood and battling stress, anxiety, and depression. In other words, dogs provide people with the emotional support they need. So, people view the presence of dogs as a source of blessing and we absolutely agree. 

Biden’s Adoption of Major Speaks Volumes About The Importance of Dogs

When Joe Biden adopted Major, it sent a clear signal that he values the presence of dogs. It also opens a bigger picture that dogs coming from humbled and disadvantaged beginnings like a shelter can make it big. This is a strong message because these shelter dogs are usually discouraged and not treated as equal to well-bred dogs. So, it helps us realize that no matter where they come from, dogs also add value to our lives. They make our lives better by offering emotional and physical support. So, it’s high time we extend support to them and offer them the value they need. 

Having an Emotional Support Animal is a Great Asset

In the past few months, we have been through a tough phase and this has had a harsh impact on our lives. Mental health issues have been on the rise and this explains the importance of having some form of emotional support and company. Dogs make a great fit and have helped numerous individuals battle loneliness in this crunch time. So, if you have been stressed and battling episodes of anxiety, having an emotional support dog can do wonders for you. 

It can help you in remaining mentally stable in these tough times. Plus, having a dog fills your life with positivity and keeps you productive too. See Joe Biden as an inspiration to push yourself in getting one. Well, you will have to contact a certified mental health specialist to register your dog as an ESA. 

Get Your ESA Letter 

Do some research, have a look at the ratings, and select a certified mental health clinic for yourself. The doctor can screen your health and analyze your emotional and mental health. This step is necessary because it helps in knowing if you have a condition that needs the presence of a pet in your life. Well, let’s explain it through the simple steps:

1) Fill an Application Form

Apply online and fill the simple application form by entering your details. The information is safely stored in a HIPAA certified database and the clinic analyzes it before linking to a certified mental health expert. 

2) Talk to a Doctor

A state-licensed-therapist interacts with you via video call. As discussed earlier, the main aim of this process is to check if you are the right fit to have an emotional support dog. 

3) Get Your Letter 

If the therapist approves, you are eligible to own an emotional support animal recommendation. Most clinics are sending digital copies in the wake of the pandemic. So, you’ll probably get yours via email. 

So, with a pet, you can give a new dimension to your health. Along with that, with the return of the dogs to the White House, we expect Joe Biden to bring back the good times to the country.