Cats are a popular choice for pets. And that’s why the benefits of cats as emotional support animals are not something you were not aware of. In fact, if you go by statistics, about 20% of U.S. households have this feline, furballs as a live-in companion. They are mischievous, love to lay across your keyboard, smack off things off your table for no reason at all. But, if you ask us, that makes them charming little creatures. And a big reason why we adore them unconditionally. That’s why service animal or emotional support animal laws are so popular nowadays. 

The simple truth is— they are an incredible choice as an emotional support animal. 

Imagine this. You are suffering from anxiety and depression. And things surrounding you are making you feel completely exhausted. And the moment you see your cat, you feel calm and happy from the inside. Does it sound familiar? So, let’s get down to it and see for yourself the benefits of cats as an emotional support animal.

They Are Low Maintenance

Ideally, cats are more independent as compared to the other popular pet choices, i.e., dogs. They don’t yearn for constant time or attention. So, you will never have to worry about a thing if you ever have to leave your munchkin home for some time. But, that does not mean you will lose out on love or care. Therefore, if you are having a bad day, you just need to curl up with your cat, and you will feel happy in a flash. Studies prove that stroking a cat will automatically reduce your anxiety levels. Also, since they are curious in nature, they will keep you amused and entertained. So, you can expect a lot of benefits of cats as an emotional support animal.  

You Can Plan a Trip Without Any Inhibitions 

Cats are cute little creatures who are pretty much portable as compared to dogs. Of Course, we are not talking about any toy dog breeds. So, if you love traveling, cats would always be a better choice. And you can even fly with your cat, thanks to emotional support animal laws for flying. According to that, you will be able to take your ESA inside the flight cabin at no additional charges. Isn’t that great? 

benefits of cats
Benefits of Cats

They Are a Great Choice For Rented Accommodations 

If you are finding an excellent place to live and want to rent an apartment, cats would be a perfect choice for that as well as you won’t have any issue with your landlords since you can quickly get your ESA letter for cats without a fuss. The emotional support animal laws for housing will help you to find an excellent place to live with your furball without any hassles. And unlike dogs, cats are perfect indoor pets who like to sit by the side of the window and look outside for hours. That’s how the benefits of cats as an emotional support animal will help you lead a healthy life without any mental health issues. 

They Are Great House Pets 

Unlike dogs, who show their tantrums by eating stuff around your place, cats are a bit in a silent mode. Many breeds of cats are well-suited to be indoors and still chill out even if there is not much to offer. They have fantastic temperaments and respond well to love and attention. They will always be there for you whenever you are home. They will greet you and will be there for reassurance at all times. They are, in fact, great companions you could ever hope for. 

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Benefits of Cats as an Emotional Support Animal- Final Thoughts 

It is not hard to find a suitable cat as your emotional animal. You can look for shelter homes and adopt one for yourself. They will be your emotional partner in difficult and good times. Plus, who can forget, their purring is so soothing for you mentally. Just a little petting and you will be ready to take on with all your life struggles. So, know the rules, study different emotional support animal laws. And register your cat as an ESA right away. Do you feel that the benefits of cats as an emotional support animal are justified? Please share your views.