A dog is a man’s best friend. With every passing day, this statement carries more truth to it than ever. If you ask me, it can easily pass as one of the universal truths. 

In the present state of crisis, dogs have come back to the rescue of its human to prove its friendship and loyalty. If you are in quarantine with your dog, you couldn’t have asked for a better company than this. Dogs not only keep you physically fit but also improve your mental state. ESA pet certification exists as proof of a dog’s emotional support to its owner. This quality of dogs is why they make the perfect quarantine partners. 

But that’s not all, your furry friends are a lot more supportive than you know. This blog is meant to acquaint you with all the best ways your dog can support you during the quarantine. 

It will help ease your anxiety and stress

The world has taken a heavy hit with the current COVID-19 pandemic. People need emotional support just as much as any other essential. And dogs have come to provide this necessity for free. 

Every news outlet and social media platform is filled with information. No one can claim their legitimacy but one can surely call them triggers of stress and anxiety. Even for a normal civilian, this load can become overbearing let alone the patient community. But dogs can help regulate your emotions. 

stress and anxiety

Dogs are known to affect your body chemistry. Your hormones fluctuate when you see those puppy eyes and sloppy tongue. Cortisol lowers while happy hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin increase. As a result, your body and mind start relaxing and negative emotions turn into positive feelings around a dog. Not only do dogs ease your anxiety but they also keep you from feeling lonely and isolated. In fact, the same process happens with your dog’s body. So it is a win-win situation for both parties. 

It acts as an ideal socializing partner

The world is in a state of lockdown and social distancing measures are being prioritized. So it is obvious that you will not be socializing with your friends and neighbors anytime soon. But you can do the same with your dogs. It is much safer and emotionally relaxing to socialize with a dog during the quarantine than with any other human. 

Did you know that dogs can act as a therapeutic alliance? In simple words, you can easily confide in them and develop a strong bond. Every time your mind is blurred with disturbing thoughts or you enter a fit of anxiety, go talk to your dog. It will not judge you for feeling this way. Yes, of course, your dog will not reply to your problems and queries. It would be weird if it does. But it can read your emotions. It does this by observing your tone of voice, facial expressions, and gestures. This makes you feel more connected and less lonely in a dog’s company.

It calms you with optimal physical touch

Physical touch is the best way to calm a person down. This has a lot to do with your body chemicals. Touch of a loving and caring being can lower the levels of stress and produce happy hormones to develop happy feelings. And you know who loves all the belly rubs and cuddles?  Your dog. 

The positive energy of a dog can transmit to you through touch. And for people who feel distressed with the increasing numbers of COVID-19 and trapped feelings of quarantine, a hug with your dog will ease all the problems. Also, dogs are always ready to be around you. A call to your furry friend and all its attention is yours. This feels rewarding as well as makes you realize your value. Either way, your mental state, and overall emotions stabilize. 

This positivity is, in fact, a mutual feeling. Your dog needs love and support too. Your touch gives it the care and attention it needs and makes sure that the tail never stops wagging. 

You get the required minimum physical activity 

Dogs need physical activity. Whether it is to finish its business or to let out the zoomies, you have to keep your pet moving. With quarantine in effect, you too need physical activity along with your dogs. The minimum required physical activity has lowered in people ever since self-isolation started. But dogs will make sure this doesn’t happen. 

You will have to take them on walks whether through the streets or your lawn. Dogs also make you feel playful and you end up playing fetch or a game of chase through the house. Also, you would have to get up every day to feed it, give it a bath, and care for it. So you will stay active even in quarantine. 

It maintains a positive distraction 

You have to wake up every day to care for your dog. You have to feed them, take them out on walks, and care for all their needs. This responsibility alone can take your mind off the turmoil that is happening in the world.

Maintains a positive distraction

It not just acts as a positive distraction but also keeps your mind in a healthy space. Amid the chaos, you get a sense of control. Pets also lend every day a purpose (caring for your dog) and when it is fulfilled, you get a sense of satisfaction. 

They keep up the quality of your life

There is no doubt about the disarray outside your home but your pet will reflect a different mood. It will be much calmer, lying on its belly and looking at you with utmost love. It will run after you for food like it always does and ask for playtime once a while. It even acts as your alarm clock and wakes you up every morning despite the quarantine. It knows when it is walk time or time for dinner. 

Basically, it has no idea what’s going on and is its usual self. This adds normalcy to your life. While you may not be able to go for parties or movies, your dog is just the same and keeps up your quality of life just as it was before the quarantine. 

Final Thoughts

These factors made a lot of people opt to keep dogs as fosters or pets while quarantining. Selena Gomez, David Dobrik, Cara Deleveigne, and Billie Eilish are some of the many names who turned to dogs to add a bit of love and life to their self-isolation. 

So if you aren’t already lucky to have a dog by your side, this is the best time to consider having a wagging tail follow you around.