The light struck upon the tree, the sky was roaring with the sounds of thunder, and the sun was playing hide and seek as I was getting ready to take my dog out for a walk. As soon as I reached for my jacket my dog immediately leaped and started to run all over the house. Now, there was no going back. I had to take Pistol out for a walk and I wondered if it was reasonable to walk him during bad weather. But I stepped out anyways and halfway through the front porch of my home, it started raining. I had a feeling that it was not a good idea but then Pistol seemed to enjoy the walk and I couldn’t have walked him back into the house. 

So, we walked for an hour and it was easy to tell that walking a dog while it’s raining is not a big deal. But then, of course, it was raining mildly and my dog appreciates the idea of walking in the rain. It is possible that your dog might not love the raindrops touching his furry but then yet again, it is important to take your dog in the rain out for a walk to keep him healthy. Here are some tips that I have learned over a certain period of time and would love to share a few with you. Let’s dive right into it and see what you can do to make a rainy walk enjoyable. 

Dress your dog in the rainy gear 

If you know that your dog doesn’t mind walking in the rain and you love to take a run with him, visit a pet store right now. There are several types of pet gear out there. You can take your pet along with you and buy a raincoat that perfectly fits your dog. But it is noteworthy that not all dogs are used to wearing gear and if your dog is one of them do not thrust the raincoat on him forcefully. In addition to this also remember that making him wear a raincoat will help you identify your dog’s consent. 

In my personal opinion wearing a raincoat will keep your dog safe and warm when the outside temperature drops down by 3-4 degrees. However, there are other additional options too. Such as considering taking an umbrella with you, do not take him out when it’s raining heavily, and try dog rain boots. Most dogs love wearing boots, in fact, your dog might too. So, go ahead and buy a cool raincoat or rain boots for your dog if you haven’t already. 

Expose him to rainy weather at a young age 

For all the dog owners who live in the regions swamped with humidity and rain, must take this point into consideration. Because you cannot compromise with the health of your dog. So, train your dog to walk out in the rain from the very onset. This will help him adjust to the environment and he will get used to the idea of walking in the rain. It is essential to get your dog used to the rainy first because not all dogs are the same. Second, the fur of a dog plays a major role. How? Well, let me break it down for you. Places where it rains continuously are prone to getting cold over a certain period of time. Unless your dog is a husky, used to living in the cold weather you will have quite a difficulty getting your dog used the rainy weather. This is why it is vital to expose your little furry friend to the rainy weather in the initial years. 

Avoid the streets and crowded areas

As we have discussed earlier no two dogs are the same. Typically there are two types of dogs: one that loves pouncing on every puddle he walks by and the other who thinks that rain is a devil in disguise. Either way, your dog will not love the idea of walking by a car splashing water all over him and you. So, the trick is to walk your dog in a park or a less busy street to avoid any unforeseen events. 

I never take Pistol out on the streets because it becomes hard for me to calm him down when a car passes by splashing water all over him. Ensure that you keep your dog away from the streets especially when it is raining outside. This way your dog will be calm, composed and will enjoy walking out in the rain. 

Stay at home if your pup does not like rain

It’s simple, don’t take your dog out for a walk on a rainy day. Your dog might be highly allergic to rain. Just play some games with him indoors. Take him out only and when he needs a potty break. This will be a win-win situation for you and your dog. Also, you can play games like hide and seek, play fetch and throw. Eventually, your dog will get to exercise and you will also have a good time. Aren’t they lovely? Do you know emotional support animals are scientifically proven to help people manage their mental condition. 

Finish strong

When I take Pistol out for a walk on a rainy day I always ensure two things. I keep dog towels and a big mat right inside the door. This helps me keep the dripping water and mud from dirtying the hallway and the living room. I also use a dryer in case my furry friend is drenched in water. So, keeping the dog dry and warm right after a rainy walk will help you keep fears like dog cold at bay. You can serve your dog hot chicken and meat broth after the walk. This will help him stay healthy and warm at the same time. 

What do you do to make a walk in blustery weather more manageable? Let us know in the comment section below.