The exact cause of depression is still under wraps, but scientists believe life issues, genetics, changes in the brain, or trauma. But, that’s not what we are concerned about. It’s the alarming rise in the cases of depression that sometimes cause suicidal attempts. So, the quotes like “Life is precious” or “We have only one life, so make it count” does not count in most cases. However, if you have a companion to help you get through such a situation, things will be less complicated.  That’s where an emotional support animal comes to the rescue. Can’t get it right? 

Picture this. You are going through a hard time and feel like nothing is worth it anymore. Suddenly you see a puppy video and feel like smiling in aww of all his cute little trivial actions. That’s how they become four-legged therapists who make your life a little less messy. Think it’s not enough? Let’s talk about it more. 

How is An Emotional Support Animal Beneficial For Depression? 

Even though you can find a wide range of options for the treatment of depression: drugs, therapy, diet/exercise, but emotional support animals have proven their worth as well. It’s like if you mix the two options, you can reach the final destination pretty early. This is because animals have some magical ability to raise your spirits by just being there. They never make you feel lonely or let you suffer all by yourself. 

esa dog for depression
Animal For Depression

And it is a well-known fact, animals such as kittens and pups are incredibly entertaining. They can make you laugh even in sour moments. Having an emotional support animal also gives you a sense of purpose. They will brighten up your mood and make you feel that life is not that depressing. They will practically force you to get out of bed and go for a walk and do things that you usually avoid in your bad days. They will help you focus and revitalize. If you think it might be helpful for you as well, the next part is what you need to read carefully.

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal For Depression?

Thousands of patients are showing interest in looking for a valid certification to get an emotional support animal; finding a mental health professional must be on your priority. They will recommend you an ESA letter that will help you be with your therapist at all times. The definitions or criteria might vary a bit as per your state, most of them allow the ones who have a condition listed in the DSM IV/V. 

As per the FHAA and ACAA, people who meet the criteria will then be entitled to two primary advantages. The first one being with their ESA despite any no-pet policies and the second being bringing dogs in the cabin at no additional cost to assist them with anxiety and other triggers. In some states, you can even bring your ESA to the workplace as well. 

But, you must have all the medical documents and an ESA letter to access all these benefits. If you believe you are suffering from depression, get in touch with a mental health professional, and see what kind of breeds can help you feel engaged in different situations. 

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Bottom Line 

Emotional support animals for depression will help you to suppress your emotional and psychological triggers. They provide you reassurances and companionship who are unable to do that by themselves. It will act as a buffer in your social gatherings and will protect you from any mood disorders or panic attacks. But, the first step would always be speaking up about your condition. A lot of individuals don’t talk about it. Diagnosis is critical for the best treatment strategy. Until then, enjoy watching funny dog and cat videos on Instagram.