Last year saw a rise in numbers of emotional support animals by multiple folds. The rush was so tremendous that it came into limelight. People started talking about the importance of supporting animals. Yet, headlines like “Should emotional support laws be allowed on planes?” Or “DOT proposes to ban emotional support animals on planes” took away all the good work that emotional support animals were doing for thousands of patients suffering from a range of mental illnesses. 

Airlines providers are asking DOT (Department of Transportation) to tighten the rules and regulations on emotional support animals since several incidents have been reported concerning violations of emotional support laws. A lot of people are faking it. Plus, there are many reports about flight attendants risking their lives. Some of them even received stitches when attacked by emotional support animals. 

But, should you deprive the benefits to the patients who need it the most? Let’s talk about all the possibilities. 

Emotional Support Animal Letter Houston- A Need For Change 

Dogs or cats are the only emotional support animals that airlines are allowing mental health patients. And that too with a considerable amount of breed restrictions. You want your ESA to be with you at all times. That’s how the concept of animal-assisted therapy commenced. But, when they start posing a threat to people around, it won’t be any good. A lot of professionals are demanding a change in ways for getting emotional support animal letter Houston. 

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emotional support animal

Why is that?

It’s because of certain loopholes that are allowing any or everyone to take advantage of the law—and presenting their pets as ESAs to save a few dollars. Whatever happens on flights is unacceptable. You can’t let lose your support animals even if they are genuine. You need to understand that not everyone feels safe around animals. It would help if you are a little courteous about others views and viewpoints as well when you travel with emotional support animals on planes. That’s how you can fill the gap between the two worlds without any inhibitions. The rules should be modified in such a way that it helps millions of mental health patients and the normal ones alike. Banning is not a solution which can deprive mental health patients their rights to living a life they deserve. 

On the other hand, the patients need to understand that training their animal some basic etiquettes of behaving properly in a social situation will help them to improve their chances of getting accepted. Don’t be a parasite but start a symbiotic relationship that will help people of all categories. 

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How To Get An Emotional Support Animal Houston?

It is very difficult for patients with mental health issues to come out in the open and talk to a professional. If DOT starts applying such rules, it might be a fall for patients who are dependent on animals for companionship and care. Just modify the rules that ask the patients to go for basic training of their animals. That’s how emotional support animals on planes would no longer be an issue. 

Instead, people will support the facts since the government would be intruding for making it safe for everyone. So, never go for any fake websites. And rely on genuine mental health professionals who give you support not only in terms of recommending an emotional support laws letter in Houston. After all, there is a reason why it is called animal-assisted therapy

So, get up and reach out to a mental health professional and discuss your problems. If he/she suggests you need a letter, only then go for an ESA. They know their job better than you. Trust them and start a life filled with happiness.